REMINGTON — Artist Cameron Moberg, who is well-known to the Rensselaer community as part of several downtown art projects, will be lending his skills to downtown Remington, starting Sept. 18.

“They have recently reconstructed the old depot downtown, remodeled some businesses and are really making a wonderful push to bring some life to downtown Remington,” Moberg said.

Moberg will be painting a mural in the downtown area, not unlike what he has done in Rensselaer. His theme this time will be growth.

“In my painting I will focusing on local growth, with the emphasis being on the beauty it can bring,” he said. “Those ideas will be resembled through a selected assortment of local flowers. All different types, at different points in their growth state, together, cohesively exuding beauty.”

Moberg has previously invited locals, especially children, to have some participation in his murals. He doesn’t yet know if this will be possible for the murals in Remington just yet.

“I am the only artist painting on this particular project,” he said. “I’m unsure of any community involvement as far as painting goes at this point.”

However, he did add that, “Sometimes I can’t help myself,” when it comes to getting the community involved.

Moberg said funding for his project was provided by the Tippecanoe Arts Federation.

Locals are encouraged to pass through downtown Remington next week to welcome Moberg back to Jasper County.