Anderson smiles with to plush toys based on characters from one of her latest children’s books. 

Shannon Anderson’s third grade students at Van Rensselaer Elementary School recently got to see their imaginations literally fly off the page. The fun began with Anderson’s annual class writing project. 

“I do a writing project with the kids every year, where they each get to create their own story and I send it in to Studentreasures Publishing, where they make it into a hardcover book for them to keep,” Anderson said in a written statement. “The last 2 years, I've been fortunate enough to secure grant money to take it a step forward.” 

The kids were able to send in color drawings of their main characters to Budsies, a custom plush toy manufacturer. The company created customized plush toys of the characters, so that the kids could share a smile and a hug with people and stories which began in their imagination. 

“The kids were so excited the day the Budsies Box arrived!” Shannon wrote. “We had a big ‘reveal’ time and enjoyed seeing how everyone's character turned out.” 

The class will be sending off its books this Monday as well. Anderson said her class will be having a publishing party in a few weeks to celebrate the finished products.