Leaf pickup

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Towns officials in Remington say Dec. 9 is shaping up to be the final day for leaf pick-up.

REMINGTON — Town officials said the final leaf pickup will most likely be Dec. 9.

With the town preparing for its annual Christmas parade Dec. 7, the Remington Street Department has been in cleaning mode.

A large wind storm at the end of last month pushed through much of Indiana and left the streets of Remington are covered in leaves. Since the weather has been unseasonably wet, it has put a damper on the street department’s ability to accomplish leaf pick-up.

“Next Monday, (Dec. 9) is looking like it will be a good day to do our final leaf pick-up,” Town Manager Jonathon Cripe said. “There are almost no leaves left in the trees, so we hope that everyone who would like their leaves picked up spends (time) getting them to the road for pick-up. After that, the town will begin prepping for snow removal.”

The town has picked up 16 loads of leaves this season, which was the amount of leaves it collected all of last year.

In other business:

The town has received two bids for the street work that will take place in spring 2020 for the Community Crossing grant the town received.

The first bid was from Central Paving, of Logansport, for $182,442. The second bid was from Town and Country paving, of DeMotte, for $176,510.

The board decided to table the bids until its Dec. 16 meeting.

The work that will be completed will be on North Nebraska Street, north and south Indiana streets, and North New York Street.


In October the town board discussed changing designers for the town’s website. The current company wanted to have a new contract signed, and the town felt the current amount they paid versus the services received where not worth it. They received two bids for the web design, one from SFP, of Lafayette for $8,600 and the other Andy Getz, the same web designer for the Remington Wolcott Community Development Commission, for $3,450.

The board approved the lower bid.

“Their website looks really good, it is user friendly and he has already been in to show me some designs,” Cripe said. “I think it will be a really good choice for the town.”


The town board approved getting Wi-Fi service for the Remington Depot. Cripe agreed to get that in the works next week. A few months after the depot opened, the town began receiving feedback that some renters and business organizations would have liked to see Wi-Fi so that they could set up presentations and videos.