Amber waves

The second annual Amber Waves Brewfest will arrive just in time to mark the brewery’s two-year anniversary.

RENSSELAER — Fenwick Farms Brewing Company will host its second Amber Waves Brewfest event Saturday.

The event is also particularly significant since it arrives on the week of Fenwick’s two-year anniversary.

The festival will feature various kinds of musical performances between noon and 6 p.m., with sounds ranging from throwback tributes to one-man bands to Celtic rock and classic sounds of Americana. Though the VIP entry takes place at noon, general admission will begin at 1 p.m.

Fenwick co-owner Sam Yacko said fellow co-owner Kenny VanHouten spearheaded the event’s beginnings last year and much has already changed since then.

“Last year, I was way more involved than I am this year,” Yacko said. “We got some new brew equipment and increased production, so it is just time-consuming.”

Though putting on an ambitious musical event must have its struggles, Yacko said last year’s vendors were surprised by all the staff was able to accomplish.

And, as Yacko pointed out, it is all the more remarkable since the business is only two years old this week. Aug. 14 marks the brewery’s two-year anniversary.

“When everything was all said and done, for being a first-year event, we could not have had more compliments from all the vendors that were there,” he said. “We’re still a young business and a young brewery. But a lot of those breweries coming to our first-year fest last year, we got nothing but compliments from them — how it was organized, not running out of ice, just basic things like that.”

Now that they’ve proven they can keep the basics under control, Yacko said the brewery has been devising ways of streamlining the process for this year’s vendors and the guests who will be taking advantage of them.

“It feels like we’ve been open 10 years,” Yacko said with a laugh. “But it’s good. We’re excited for this year. And not that there were any issues last year, but we’ve improved on a lot of things this year to help it be streamlined more for the consumer and the vendor, just the way things are set up, instead of being so far from each other.”

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