This is the geographic map from the FAA, for the proposed wind farm site in the Jasper County area. 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) received applications in March 2017 to permit the construction of over one hundred power wind turbines near the area of Francesville in Jasper County.

The application was received by the FAA in March 2017 from an unidentified party. It is a proposal to build 122 power wind turbines near Francesville, as well as in western Pulaski County and eastern Jasper County. This triangular area is bounded by the towns of Medaryville, Monon and Rensselaer. If approved, the structures near Francesville and Rensselaer would be 660 feet high, from the ground to the blade tip. They would be built in western White Post and Salem Townships in Pulaski County and in Barkley, Gillam and Hanging Grove Townships in Jasper County.  

This application is listed in the archives of the FAA obstruction Evaluation/Airport Airspace Analysis website ( It is listed under the filing number, or “ASN” number, of “2017 - WTE - 1795 - OE.” According to the website, this specific proposal has not yet been studied, and study outcomes will be posted at a later date. Public comments will not be considered by the organization at this time. 

The exact company behind the applications is not definitively known at this time. However, similar applications have caused controversy in multiple Indiana Counties. According to a report from WLFI News 18, Renewable Energy Systems (RES) proposed placing 415 turbines in the area of Cass County. Hundreds of Cass County residents gathered at a forum on Dec. 28, 2017 to discuss the issue, since the turbines were planned to be placed 1,000 feet from people’s homes. 

Representatives of several businesses which establish wind farms did confirm last month that their companies are at least considering the possibility of establishing a new wind farm in Jasper County. 

“I know there is an entity that’s been looking kind of in the northeastern part of the county,” said County Commissioner Kendell Culp in December. 

The county was contacted by Matt Boys, Development Manager of RES, who was interested in what the county allowed as far as wind farms in the area. The Commissioners notably amended an ordinance related to wind farms in December, so that height requirements for wind turbines were up to date. 

“If they get enough interest, then they say the ordinance would have to be updated so they can move forward,” Culp said in December. “And so we just went and made a few slight changes in those already existing.” 

The interested companies would need local approval from the county, even if the applications submitted to the FAA meet requirements.