JASPER COUNTY — Nine applicants have thrown their names into the summer Airport Management Internship program at the Jasper County Airport.

Unfortunately, only one of those nine will be picked for the program, which is in its inaugural year. The program is sponsored by the Jasper County Airport Authority, which owns and operates the Jasper County Airport.

“We’re fortunate — or unfortunate since we have to pick just one — to have nine applicants for the position,” airport manager Ray Seif said. “We’re very encouraged to have nine highly qualified candidates.”

Applicants had until last Friday to register for the position. It is up to the airport authority to select the one high school junior or senior as intern for the summer.

“We’re in the process of going through the applications and is in the hands of our selection committee,” Seif said. “We hope to have someone chosen in the next few days.”

The Airport Management Internship Program allows students to align educational knowledge with real-world experiences in the aviation industry, Seif said.

The program is designed to give students exposure to airport management, operations, safety, maintenance and the airport’s regulatory organizational structure. The goal is to allow students the opportunity to help identify what he or she would like to specialize in post-graduation.

The intern will learn the needs of an airport in the day-to-day operations dealing with tenants, transient traffic, and other airport administration.

The intern also will be expected to accurately complete assigned projects and tasks in relation to aviation management.

The intern may be asked to work irregular hours, holidays, nights and weekends, or on an as-needed basis, up to 20 hours per week during June and July, in compliance with Indiana and US Child Labor laws.

This internship is a paid, non-benefit position open to any 16-year-old or older high school junior or senior recently enrolled in any high school located within Jasper County.

Compensation will be $10 per hour. Intern is responsible for their own transportation to and from the airport and, if licensed to drive, must have a clean driving/moving violations record (MVR) due to possibly being asked to drive airport vehicles on airport grounds. Interns must be a US citizen or legal resident.

“Because it is the first time, some schools have said their kids are excited for the chance,” Seif said. “Some even said they would do it as an unpaid internship, but we’re not able to take on multiple interns at this time. Once the program is up and running, hopefully there will be more opportunities in the future.”