On June 7, the Rensselaer Police Department received a complaint of an alleged theft and forgery. The complainant reportedly told the department that her checks were stolen from their father and that these checks were later cashed in the Remington area.

The department then learned, when the checks were returned, that two of them were made out to Riley Smith for a total of $950. The alleged victim also had approximately $200 cash that was stolen from his residence.

An RPD detective was able to determine that Riley Smith, 24, of Rensselaer was one of the subjects involved in the theft and forgery. During an interview, Smith allegedly admitted to cashing one of the checks after a female suspect had written the check out to him. He then endorsed and cashed the check.

Charges of theft and forgery, both level 6 felonies, were then forwarded to the Jasper County Prosecutor’s Office, which issued an arrest warrant on Smith. Smith was later located and arrested on that warrant.