Judy Moore

A trial date has been set for the murder case involving Judy Moore.

RENSSELAER — A pre-trial conference for Judy Moore, who has been charged with the murder of her stepmother, will be Tuesday, Feb. 4 in Jasper County Superior Court 1 with Judge Russell Bailey presiding.

Richard Kallenbach, an attorney in DeMotte, has been appointed as Moore’s special public defender. The conference is set to begin at 1 p.m. at the county courthouse.

It has been announced that a jury trial will be 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 3, in Superior Court 1.

Moore, 72, was re-indicted last month after new evidence was discovered by the Jasper County Prosecutor’s Office and the Rensselaer Police Department during a three-year investigation into the murder of Trula Alliss, who was found dead in her apartment on Feb. 5, 2015, at the age of 77.

Alliss was discovered dead in a pool of blood in her apartment at 989 B-Mar by a neighbor. After evidence was gathered at the scene and interviews conducted, Moore, who was 68 at the time, was charged with murder, aggravated battery use when the assault posses a substantial risk of death and battery resulting in serious bodily injury.

An autopsy revealed that Alliss suffered from blunt force injuries which contributed to her death.

A grand jury at that time returned charges of murder, voluntary manslaughter and obstruction of justice against Moore, but due to lack of evidence in the case, Moore was released from the Jasper County Jail in the fall of 2016. Charges were later dismissed without prejudice in January of 2017.

The case remained open, however, and numerous interviews and follow-up investigations were conducted by police. During the investigation, “additional information was discovered that led to the decision to put the case before a grand jury,” police said last month.

Prior to a recent grand jury decision to continue with a murder charge against Moore, she returned to Rensselaer from her current residence in Jackson, Ga., last month and awaited the grand jury’s decision. A warrant was issued for her arrest and she was located at a local hotel, taken into custody and transported to the Jasper County Jail.

Moore now faces charges of murder (Level 1 felony), voluntary manslaughter (Level 2 felony), involuntary manslaughter (Level 5 felony), battery (Level 5 felony) and obstruction of justice (Level 6 felony).

As a reminder by police, all subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.