'Harpman' rocks care center

Samuel Lozada (a.k.a. Harpman Sam/Mo' Beat Blues) breaks out his instrument of choice for a harmonica solo.

RENSSELAER — Residents and staff at the Rensselaer Care Center were invited to move to the soulful beat of Samuel Lozada on Wednesday.

"He rocks this place," said Connie Davis, activity director for the care center. "He has been coming here once a month for the last four months and each time the crowd increases."

Davis said that on this performance the room was packed wall-to-wall with residents and staff.

"The residents love him and really enjoy his music," said Davis. "His following keeps growing."

Lozada had residents dancing to his upbeat, toe tapping, hip wiggling music including blues, jazz, country blues, R&B, Rat Pack and some of his own original tracks.

Lozada goes by “Mo’ Beat Blues” and is affectionately called "Harpman Sam" by adoring fans. Lozada is a professional entertainer with a show that he claims will get you on your feet and jumping.

"I was in a restaurant with my friend trying to develop a name for the band," said Lozada. "The restaurant was serving more fries and more drinks. They also had beets on the menu. Then I said what about Mo' beat blues."

Lozada is a soloist and specializes in playing the harmonica and singing to back-up music. He keeps a tight schedule performing at private parties, festivals, cafes, super clubs, and weddings.

"Main focus and my favorite audiences are at the nursing, independent living, and assisted living homes," said Lozada. "The residents get so excited when they hear I’m coming and wait in great anticipation. We have a blast when I’m there and they hate to see me go."

Lozada said that he does his best to get residents involved in the singing and dancing.

"They never cease to amaze me," said Lozada. "Nobody is giving them this type of music that they need."

According to Lozada, he sees workers peeking in on the performance, and visiting family and friends regularly come up to thank him for his visit.

"I’ve had the pleasure of working at over 70 nursing homes in the Northwest Indiana and Chicago, Illinois suburbs over the last 5 years and it has been such a joy," said Lozada. "I am honored to have been interviewed and featured in numerous regional newspaper articles and news stories on TV and radio over the years."

Lozada has promoted/hosted and performed at two concert events for the seniors in Indiana and Michigan. He recently served as judge for the “Indiana Idol” contest, with proceeds going to the United Way of Northwest Indiana.

"It's an upbeat show from the word go to bye," said Lozada.

Davis said that she plans to book Lozada for another performance in December.