Goodman an intern

Cody Goodman

ST. FRANCISVILLE, Ill. — Cody Goodman of Rensselaer is the newest member of AriGold’s 2020 sales intern program.

Goodman will be working closely with his local AgriGold key account specialists, Ben Ahler and Jerry Robertson, sharing the AgriGold story and growing brand awareness.

Goodman is currently a student at Purdue University.

AgriGold is proud to invest in the future of agriculture by supporting college students pursuing careers in the food and fiber industry. AgriGold has hired a total of 60 interns across the corn belt, 10 of those being placed in Indiana. Their time with AgriGold will provide great lessons in both professional and personal development, along with a better understanding of the seed business.

“Members of the AgriGold Intern Program will be responsible for assisting their local Key Account Specialist in achieving growth and development in their respective district,” said Kayla Capper, Marketing Specialist and Intern Program Coordinator at AgriGold.

“This includes helping with coordinating logistics, evaluating corn hybrid performance, placing field signs and implementing a local advertising plan. Interns will also gain experience in agronomy, sales, and marketing with AgriGold.”

Tying agronomy, sales and marketing together, interns will have the opportunity to further their professional skills and gain relevant digital ag experience by introducing growers to Advantage Acre.

Powered by AgReliant Genetics, Advantage Acre is a web-based digital ag tool that brings together three fundamental components of farming: seed, soil and weather. AgriGold’s interns will work with farmers to begin uploading data and analyzing information, giving farmers simplified access to their operational information in addition to allowing for more confident decision making throughout the year and ensuring we are optimizing customers’ seed investments.

AgriGold’s interns will also play a key role in raising awareness of AgriGold Select Soybeans varieties. This addition to the brand’s product lineup will provide farmers the opportunity to work with AgriGold beyond their corn acres.

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