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Some of you remember Paul Harvey’s report from Feb. 9, 1981: “Before the Carter’s left the White House … daughter Amy needed some help with some homework. It was Friday and the homework assignment was due on Monday … a question about the Industrial Revolution. Neither she nor her mother quite understood the question, so Rosalyn asked a White House aide to ask the Labor Department.

“Sunday afternoon, a truck pulled up at the White House loaded with a computer printout. Somebody assumed it was information the President urgently needed. So, the Labor Department had kept a full computer team working all weekend to prepare the information.

“When mother Rosalyn was told that the research had cost hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, she was horrified. But it was too late to do anything about it. So the information was used to help Amy complete her homework.

“On that assignment, Amy got a ‘C’.”

Government wants to keep God out of the conversation. Government wants us to believe all the answers can be received from them. Government — whether in China, Russia, Syria or the United States — wants its citizens to trust them to know what’s best for its citizens.

Terry Carter, president of Summit Theological Seminary in Peru, Ind., finds two lessons in the Amy/Rosalyn Carter story. First, when you trust the government for answers, those answers will cost far more than expected or necessary. Second, the answers you get will be mediocre, at best.

When we think our country can’t fall into a deeper mess, we find out how wrong we are. Our mess today was created by some from both parties who are such childish creatures that neither cares what is best for America, only how they can win.

To back down, each thinks, would be to show weakness. I firmly believe that the first one to back down will not be the loser, but a huge winner, because the party that backs off their stand will be shown to be the one that ultimately cares most for America’s future.

In the Bible, old and new covenants, God’s people were governed for most of history by religious leaders. Ah, that’s the way to go! What could possibly go wrong with that system?

Of course, as I drag my tongue out of my cheek, problems abounded under this system.

How could this be? It came about because the system involved human beings doing the governing. Jealousies and pride overrode common sense and true concern for people.

In Jesus’ day, the religious leaders, the preachers and Bible College professors of the day, were the ones who nailed Jesus to the cross. Why? Pride and jealousy.

The ignoring of the evidence caused these leaders to make a grave mistake from which they will pay for eternity.

Similar attitudes brought the deaths of James, Stephen and later all the apostles but John, as well as a myriad of lives since.

Churches today are in danger of committing the same mistakes of ignoring God’s Word in favor of man’s opinions. It’s what happens when we try to please men rather than God.

This powerful word from Peter, Acts 5:29: “We ought to obey God rather than men.”

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