Wamsley and the students of RCHS's agriculture classes will be hosting the annual greenhouse sale until Saturday with help from Judy Chernowski. 

RENSSELAER — The annual greenhouse sale from the agriculture students of Rensselaer Central High School will take place Wednesday, May 8 — Saturday, May 11. On Wednesday and Thursday, the sale will be going on 2-6 p.m. And on Friday and Saturday, it will be going on 8 a.m.-4 p.m. 

Ag teacher Ron Wamsley has said that this year's sale will feature the usual variety of plants locals have come to expect, and the money raised will go to benefit next year's sale. 

"We have most of the flowers you could think of, nothing unusual really, just the common stuff, just the types of plants that it seems like everybody wants," Wamsley said. "There's some hostas that people seem to really like...Wave petunias are the really big thing. People really tend to want those. When you get them small in the spring, they really grow and expand."

Last year, roughly $3,500 was raised in plant sales, according to Wamsley. He went out of his way to thank volunteer Judy Chernowski, who has served a vital role in helping to prepare students for this sale for years. 

"She's a volunteer and she just does it to help," Wamsley said. "She makes sure everything's right, and she helps the kids and me. And she's really good about knowing what to do and when to do it. She's really the manager of that thing."

Anyone interested in purchasing a plant is welcome to visit the greenhouse at the school, or call Wamsley at 219-866-5175.