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RENSSELAER — A trial date for a Terre Haute man charged with leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in a death is currently in limbo while Jasper County Circuit Court Judge John Potter…

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The state Senate Appropriations Committee advanced a bill Thursday that would give the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority the ability to create a private entity that would take the reins in guiding development in the transit development districts being created around commuter railroad stations.

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To pay someone to figure out how much you have to pay the government seems like adding insult to injury. For many taxpayers, there's an easier way.

Formed in 2003, IRS Free File is the product of a partnership between the Internal Revenue Service and a group of twelve online tax software suppliers that form the Free File Alliance – including such familiar names as TaxSlayer and H&R Block. Free File was intended to increase electronic filing by making the process easier for a greater number of Americans. Both the tax preparation and the e-filing process are free. "You don't have to be an expert on taxes," says IRS Commissioner John A. Koskinen. "Free File software can help walk you through the steps and help you get it right."

Over 56 million tax returns have been filed through the Free File system to date. You can use the Free File software if your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) was...

6 Tax Filing Myths Debunked

Should You Use Tax Preparation Software?

Comparing Tax Preparation Software

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If you're a traditional employee, every year you receive a W-2 form from your employer that records your earnings for the year and the amount of taxes withheld from those earnings. IRS 1099 forms are complements to the W-2 form for non-traditional employee relationships. They are generally designed to record sources of income that have not been subjected to withholding – in other words, sources where an employer has not already paid the corresponding taxes.

If you are self-employed, you know the IRS form 1099-MISC that reports payments made to you over the course of the year. However, there are many different types of 1099 forms – and not all of them increase your tax bill.

SSA-1099 – Your Social Security benefits are recorded here. No more than 85% of your benefits can be s...

How Seniors Should Handle A 1099-C

Top 12 Mistakes To Avoid In Tax Planning

Do You Qualify For An Earned Income Tax Credit?

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Like most Americans, you probably want to get through your taxes as quickly as possible. Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was passed in 2017, fewer of us will itemize, and those who do may find fewer deductions available. However, do not rush through your return so quickly that you simply take the standard deduction and ignore deductions that can bring you a healthy refund. Consider these commonly overlooked tax deductions.

1. Charitable Contributions – You may not feel that you give enough to charity for it to matter, but every little bit helps when itemizing deductions. Any gift to a qualifying charitable organization may be deducted. The IRS website has an online search tool to verify the qualified status of any organization, but the receiving organization should be able to provide you with proof. For tax year 2019, you may deduct donations worth up to 60% of you...

Only 25% Of Americans Know This Simple Tax-Savings Trick

Trump Tax Plan Could Affect Housing Market

Giving to Charitable Foundations

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Every direct employee of a company should receive a W-2 form in January. The W-2 is the base document that defines your tax obligations, so it is important that you review and understand yours. However, some people are confused by some of the form's numbers — for example, why the wage listed on a W-2 form does not always match their salary — and simply fill in the information from each box into their tax forms without giving it a thorough review to verify that the information is correct.

Employers can and do make mistakes on W-2s, and these errors can cost you money as well as time and effort to correct downstream tax ramifications. Let's take a look at the W-2 form in a bit more detail.

Understanding Your W-2 Tax Forms

First, verify the pertinent baseline information in the spaces labeled with letters, namely your Social Security number and both addresses (yours and your employer's). Assuming that's correct, look at the block of eight boxes in the uppe...

No W-2 Tax Form? What To Do

What To Do If You Are Audited

Getting The Jump On April 15

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Congratulations! You have just been handed your first little bundle of joy in the hospital and have embarked on the long journey of parenthood. It is a trip full of joyful experiences that make the corresponding aggravations worthwhile, and it comes with many benefits — some of which are tax-related. You can look forward to taking advantage of these child-related deductions and benefits.

  • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) – Designed to help lower income taxpayers, the EITC is a tax credit that is scaled along with income and the number of dependents claimed. See IRS Publication 596, "Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)" for details on qualifications and the scaling criteria. T...

Tax Benefits Of Having Dependents

Top 7 Tax Deductions And Credits That People Forget

Top 9 Audit Red Flags

Discussing mental health has become less taboo in modern culture than it used to be before, and that openness is now also crossing over into the workplace. However, many organizations still seem to be falling behind on this trend. From unrealistic, demanding deadlines to heavy workloads and long hours to even shifting performance priorities, there’s often never a shortage of stress at work.

On Jan. 14, Community Health published story titled "No More Body Shaming" that contained quotes from a source who levied unfounded allegations of impropriety against White Rock Montessori school in Dallas. Allegations that White Rock Montessori condoned or allowed instances of body shaming against students, and is now retaliating against the children of parents who raise such issues with the school, are unsubstantiated and solely the opinion of the source quoted in the story. Community Health apologizes to White Rock Montessori for any harm that has come to its reputation and its business as a respected educational institute as a result of the statements contained in the story.

It’s tax season once again, and stress levels are high. While you are plunging away those numbers and stressing about refunds and payments to the IRS, there are ways you can keep those anxieties under control.

“Every risk factor you can imagine was on this student’s Internet posting,” recalls Lisa Cull, senior program coordinator for Glenn County Behavioral Health.

As families come face to face with medical requirements every school year, the country is feeling the effects of a vaccine resistance movement that’s been decades in the making. In a climate of fake news and ever-growing misinformation that is spread online, it can be hard to decipher the false information from the truth. That’s why Facebook is taking a stand.

BOSTON - A Chinese woman admitted agreeing to pay $400,000 in bribes to get her son into the University of California, Los Angeles, becoming the 21st parent to plead guilty in the U.S. college admissions scandal. Xiaoning Sui, 49, appeared Friday in federal court in Boston and pleaded to a single count of federal programs bribery. A resident of British Columbia, she had been held in a jail in ...

HARTFORD, Conn. - A sweeping investigation has uncovered dozens of credible allegations of sexual and physical abuse at the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford from the late 1950s through the 1980s, including an allegation against a longtime executive director. The exhaustive review by the school of the claims of more than 80 alumni, witnesses and former faculty or staff corroborated ...

The World Health Organization cautioned years ago that a mysterious "disease X" could spark an international contagion. The new coronavirus, with its ability to quickly morph from mild to deadly, is emerging as a contender. From recent reports about the stealthy ways COVID-19 spreads and maims, a picture is emerging of an enigmatic pathogen whose effects are mainly mild, but which occasionally ...

NEW YORK - Moe Harkless is sticking with the Knicks but he acknowledged joining a non-playoff team has been an adjustment. The St. John's product, acquired in a trade this month from the Clippers, implied the difference between his old and new teams goes beyond the record. "It is definitely an adjustment with the way things are," Harkless said. "Everything is different, the culture and ...