Stevens Will Handoff


North Newton senior Sara Will handsoff to sophomore Gracie Stevens in the 4x100 relay that had a winning time of 45.31.

New coaches have taking over the North Newton track teams, but from the performances given at the season opener, it was the athletes that shined. Coaches Karen Madrigal and Josh Stringfellow couldn’t be more pleased with the level of competition from their Spartans.

Cool windy weather fell across the West Central High School track and field but the rain held off for the first meet of the season.

North Newton won both team events with the boys racking up 72.5 points followed by North White (48), and West Central (32.5). The Lady Spartans took first with 78 points followed by West Central (42), and North White (34).

Placing for the Spartans were:

Long Jump: Ben Vanderwall with a Pr of 21’7” for 1st, followed by Tyler Kessler 17’ 1.5” 2nd; High Jump: Tyler Kessler 1st place; Shot Put: Sr. Brett Ewing in 2nd with 38’; Discus: David Scheeringa 3rd with 102’7”; 100m dash Steven Kluga 1st at 11.14 seconds followed by Vince Taylor in 2nd; 1600 m: Alex Dimeglio in 2nd followed by Preston Conner in 4th; 400 m dash: Sr. Tyler Kessler 1st with a time of 54.12 seconds followed by Sr. Griffin Stevens in 3rd; 800m run: Gavin Secvair 1st place with a time of 2 minutes 19.93 seconds followed by Sophomore Elijah Duranleau in 4th; 200m dash: Sr. Steven Kluga 1st with 23.42 followed by Vince Taylor in 3rd; 3200m: Sr, Keagan Anderson in 1st with a time of 11 minutes 40.14 seconds followed by Freshman Ryan Williams in 3rd and Joey Smith in 4th; the 4 by 100 relay Spartans took 1st with a time of 45.31 seconds and the 4 by 400 relay also took 1st. Final Score: North Newton 72.5 points, North White 48 points and West Central 32.5 points.

The Lady Spartans also had a number of athletes placing in the following events: Long Jump: Danielle Hinch 1st with 14 feet 5.25 inches; High Jump: Gracie Stevens 1st with 4’8’ followed by Danielle HInch in 3rd; Shot Put: Marissa Schoon 3rd with 23 feet 1.75 inches; Discus: Marissa Schoon 1st with 72 feet 3 inches followed by Danillle Watkins in 2nd with 71 feet 11 inches; 100 Hurdles: Danille Hinch 1st in 17.86 seconds followed by H. Schleman in 3rd; 100m dash: Gracie Stevens 1st with 13.52 seconds followed by Sara Will in 3rd; 1600 m run: Rebecca Bookwalter in 3rd with a time of 7 minutes 32.02 seconds followed by Samantha Bradley in 4th; 400m dash: H. Schleman in second with a time of 1 minute 16.98 seconds; 300m hurdles: Cameryn Michaels in 2nd with a time of 57.31 seconds; 800 m run: Mackendzie Dresbaugh 1st with 2 minutes 47.51 seconds followed by Cosgray in 2nd; 200 m dash: Gracie Stevens 1st with 28.99 seconds followed by Sara Will in 2nd; 3200 m: Kylie Blann I 1st with a time of 14 minutes 30.40 seconds; 4 by 800 relay the Lady Spartans took 2nd in 12 minutes 54 seconds; the 4 by 100 relay took 1st place in 54.72 seconds and the 4 by 400 relay took 2nd with a time of 5 minutes 4.05 seconds. Final Score: North Newton 78 points, West Central 42 points and North White 34 points.

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In other news the Spartan Team Traveled to the Chesterton Relay on Saturday April 12. As it is with this relay it is either a combination of 3 athletes in height or length for the field events and the running events a combination of 4 athletes for a total distance. For the Men’s team they placed in the following events: 4 by 1600 — 4th place, 4 by 100 — 2nd place, 4 by 400 — 5th place, 4 by 800 — 5th place, Discus — 4th place, Long Jump — 2nd place and Shot Put — 4th place. The Lady Spartans placed in the following events: 4 by 1600 — 6th place, 4 by 100 — 7th place, 4 by 800 — 7th place, 4 by 200 – 7th place, 300 hurdles – 6th place, Discus – 7th place, Shot Put – 7th place and High Jump – 6th place. 4 by 200 boys placed 2nd time 1:36.45; 4 by 200 girls 7th 2:5.16; distance medley boys 3rd, 13:22.45; 800 sprint medley girls 7th, 2:9.20, and the boys were 6th at 51.23.

The Spartans will compete against Tri County and Frontier on Thursday.