Ema Ramirez

Senior Ema Ramirez getting ready to send over one of her 25 serves which included 4 aces.

MOROCCO — The North Newton Lady Spartans finished off the season with some epic wins as they build up momentum for the postseason.

The Lady Spartans started off the week by traveling to Illinois to play Donovan High School Oct. 7. North Newton took the game in 2 straight sets 25-16 and 25-13.

Senior Jamie Will and sophomore Harley Schleman each had five kills for the game. The offensive serving skills of Will and Hope Churchill were 100 percent accurate. Churchill’s big sister was hot on her sister’s heels serving up two aces. Ashley Churchill continued to set up her hitters finishing the night with eight assists. On the defensive side,

Determined to rewrite last year’s final placement in the Midwest Conference the game against North White would decide where the Lady Spartans would fall.

In three very close games, the Lady Spartans engaged in a battle to the final point. Taking the game all the way to the completion of the third set, the Lady Spartans pulled out an exciting win 25-23, 25-21 and 25-19. Earning the final point on a kill by Will you could see the excitement spread from the floor to Coach Wynn jumping up and down with the bench.

The Lady Spartans offense was hot on the ball all night long. Ashley Churchill led with 13 assists. Will had 13 kills, Hannah Hiscox added seven kills, and Lexi Cunningham had 5 kills. If that wasn’t some strong offense the Lady Spartans had six Lady Spartans going 100 percent with their serves: Jenna McCann, Reese Fox, Hannah Hiscox, Ashley Churchill, Jamie Will, and Hope Churchill.

The Lady Spartans’ defense was equally on the ball, well literally. The blocking was the strongest of the season both single and double blocks. Senior Jamie Will showed leadership with two solo blocks and assisting in three double blocks. Not to be left behind Reese Fox assisted in three double blocks along with teammates Harley Schleman having both a solo and assist, and Heidi Schleman assisting with a double block. The movement of Jenna McCann going after 16 serves in combination with of a total of 14 digs on the night showed the strength in the backcourt. Securing the win against North White placed the Lady Spartans second overall in the Midwest Conference.

Senior Night is one that memories are made that last a lifetime. North Newton welcomed West Central to the gym where the five seniors were ready to defend their court for one final game. Having played and beaten the Lady Trojans earlier in the season the Lady Spartans were not going into the game lightly. Recognizing the seniors before the game is a ritual across every high school: Ema Ramirez, Ashley Churchill, Jenna McCann, Reese Fox, and Jamie Will.

North Newton coach Jess Wynn could be heard saying to the team as last-minute advice “talk and move” and that is precisely what the Lady Spartans did. Whether Coach Wynn meant that for the defense or offense, the team took the message to heart. The Lady Spartans were hot across the net and backcourt but the Lady Trojans of West Central gave it everything making the seniors show their leadership. In what could be described as four long sets full of nothing but strong blocks, deadly kills and heated serves it would go point for point to the bitter end. The Lady Spartans would take the first set 25-6, but the West Central Lady Trojans were only warming up, and the Lady Spartans would finish the night 25-22, 23-25 and 25-23.

The Lady Spartans senior Ema Ramirez would shine brightly with some phenomenal serving. Playing in all four sets she would be a deadly force to be reckoned with serving up four aces within a total of 25 serves. Not to be outdone fellow teammates Jenna McCann with 23 serves/ two aces and Reese Fox with 14 serves/ two aces.

The North Newton offense was led by 16 kills from Jamie Will with Hannah Hiscox and Lexi Cunningham each adding 6 kills apiece. Senior setter Ashley Churchill would serve up 16 assists over the course of the night helping to add points to the scoreboard.

Will added two solo blocks and three block assists, Reese Fox had one solo block and two double blocks whereas Heidi and Harley Schleman each had 2 double blocks.

Jenna McCann led her squad with 23 digs on the night.

Coming up next for the Lady Spartans is the 2019 Volleyball Sectional games. They play Thursday night at Rensselaer High School for the first game in the Sectional series against defending 2A state champs North Judson.