Flooding photo

A photo of some of the recent flooding in the north end of Newton County.

Time to clean out our ditches

To Editor, Newton County Enterprise:

I have discussed with the other two Newton County Commissioners and spoke to two members of the County Council about the need for additional appropriation for the Newton County Highway Department to do more work on the roadside ditches and culverts.

I will be going to the next council meeting to ask for an additional. We will need more inventory and additional manpower.

I do realize we received seven to nine inches of rain in the north end of the county in five days. I know the south probably received just as much going by my rain gauge.

Some of the places that flood, do flood with two inches of rain, It seems to be the same areas all the time. I receive phone calls from many of the same people. That tells me something needs to be done. I have looked at the problem and agree it needs fixed. Most of our roadside ditches in the county have not been cleaned for several decades. It’s time to do that.

As I drove around most of Newton County over the weekend, I was so saddened by the crops just coming up, now under water.

I’m not saying the county can prevent all flooding, but anything we can do for all of Newton County can help.

I can only imagine what it would be like if the Drainage Board didn’t take care of most of the regulated ditches, and the farmers didn’t do what they do for drainage.

Drainage is very important in our county for everyone.

Highway Superintendent Dave Pluimer and I are working with a state highway official to see what we can do about the ditches along state roads going through our county.

Mickey Read

Lake Village