Letter to the Editor

Kentland Fire Department, Town of Kentland looking for your help

To Editor, Newton County Enterprise

The Kentland Fire Department along with the Town of Kentland is asking for your help. In case you’ve not heard, we are working diligently to secure the funds to pursue building a new fire station. A major part of this process is applying for an OCRA grant (Office of Community and Rural Affairs) and we need your help.

The two requirements for the application are letters of need from our residents and private donations. If you could take 5-10 minutes out of your day and write a letter, this will substantially improve our chances of securing the grant. The letters need to be specific stating the need, rather than showing support. For example, we have outgrown our current location thus no room for training, double parked apparatus which is dangergous, no onsite capability to fill trucks, no storage space for tool and extra gear, termite damage which has effected the structural integrity of the facility, and we only have one means of egress. In addition, improved response time with proposed new location utilizing US41 as a main artery.

All letters need to be signed and may be dropped off at town hall, or I am happy to stop by and pick it up.

Secondly, we are required to generate a specific amount of private donations to score the maximum points on our grant application. This amount is percentage based on the total cost of the project. Our required goal is $57,000. We are not allowed to contribute any government funds. The donation funds have been established at the Jasper Newton Foundation. You can donate directly on their website or mail direct to them. The foundations website is below. Please make sure you specify “Kentland Fire House Project” when you submit your donation.

We ask that all letters be received no later than June 10th and all donations be received no later than June 14th. If you have any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Debby Shufflebarger, Matt Wittenborn and/or Dustin Standish. We thank you for your time and look forward to coming together as a community to see this project completed.

Kentland Fire Department

Town of Kentland