Letter to the Editor

Dear Residents and members of Kentland and Newton County

To Editor, Newton County Enterprise

The last letter you read from me was one encouraging you to write letters of endorsement to the members of the Newton County Council in support of a licensed day care and senior center here in Kentland. I want to thank you for the many letters of support and encouragement. On Friday, November 8 the Newton County Council voted unanimously to give $375,000 from landfill (public) funds to the Jasper/Newton Community Foundation in support of these endeavors. It is with your help Goodland will be able to get the first licensed child care center in Newton County started. However, some of those monies will also help support other licensed child care in Newton County. Unfortunately, it will not be as soon as I had wanted for the Kentland area.

The building I was so excited about needed to be purchased. I had a buyer. However, the purchase was contingent upon a few factors, including some government agencies. With the end of the year quickly approaching budgets were exhausted, making it impossible to secure the building.

The wonderful facility that was perfectly laid out for this venture did need some renovations. It was estimated those renovations would cost $100,000 or more, and could be very timely and involved. I did not have the time to speak with all the fabulous contractors and tradesmen we are fortunate enough to have in our communities. However, I do want to thank the three I was able to speak with. All three had graciously agreed to donate some time to this project to make it a truly, wonderfully supported, community project.

With time running out I had to abandon the pursuit of this building. However, all is not lost, as this facility is now to be made into apartments which is another great need in our community, I am in full support of this project. The owner was very gracious and understanding in putting off his dream and endeavor to help support my cause. I want to wish him all the best and can only feel his business adventure will grow to help support my dream, in a different location.

There are ideas and possible opportunities being discussed for the future. Please do not give up on future developments to bring these two, much need businesses to our small community.

Thank you for your words of support and encouragement.

Jenny Washburn