2020 Kentland Flood

To Editor, Newton County Enterprise

I currently reside on the southwest side of Kentland and have been scrubbing the silt out of my house since the flood, which reached nearly 4-feet and completely saturated my entire first floor and my outbuildings (which were even worse).

At my location, however, I recorded about 5 inches of rain. So why all the water? Dare I question the Ag Industry? Dare I say “water management?

I do know that part of my problem was created when a water pipe was installed from Goss St. to Alan St, which ran through part of my property and cut off the drain to the ditch on my side of the street. Since then water ponds in my yard then flows across the street to the drain on the north side of Goss St. But on this occasion, that problem didn’t matter as I was completely overwhelmed with a flood that rose approximately 2-feet in 20 minutes. It was like someone just opened the floodgates.

Within a few hours, I was fighting to keep the water out of my house (which sits 4-feet above street level).

Considering the rate of rise, I was a bit worried wondering how much higher it might get. Attempting to sweep the water out of my front door, I was greatly hindered by the large vehicles and trucks parading on the street causing waves to break inside my home.

Realizing there was little I could do, I began to prepare to hunker down upstairs. Then I just sat and waited on my couch in the water. I thought I might cast a fish line out of my window when suddenly my lost slipper came floating out from under the couch. “Wow,” I thought, “I’ve been looking for months for that.” And then the water receded. Well, I need to go now, I’ve got chicken poop to scrub off my property. I’d like to thank my mother and my few good friends for their help and assistance during this disaster.

J.T. Small

Proud son of a son of Kentland and father of two