The Jasper County Historical Society will host a special retrospective on the Fountain Park Chautauqua in the Rensselaer History Museum next week.

“124 Years of the Good Life, Two Weeks at a Time” is the title of Linda Emerson’s new story of Fountain Park Chautauqua, coming up on Tuesday, June 18, at 6 p.m. The story will be told at the Jasper County Historical Society Museum at 479 North Van Rensselaer St., as part of the society’s annual carry-in dinner.

The society would like to welcome members and guests alike to join for dinner and for Emerson’s presentation, where meats, drinks, and service are provided. Anyone with questions is encouraged to call Judy Kanne at 219-863-6860, or email the society at

The annual Fountain Park Chautauqua, located about 1.5 miles northwest of Remington, includes exciting events throughout its two-week period of family fun every year.

As one of only two such chautauqua still in existence, operating since 1895, the program strives to offer unique entertainment that is both nostalgic and intriguing. Though some events are geared towards kids, almost all of them are somewhat intended for whole families.

Some of the more eccentric presentations from the past have included a group of ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, as well as actors pretending to be historical figures, such as form United States presidents.