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Teri Knowles

KENTLAND — Teri Knowles, the present Newton County Treasurer, has announced her candidacy to run for treasurer in the May 2020 primary election as a Republican.

Knowles was caucused in as Treasurer by winning vote of three running candidates to fill the remaining term of retiring Newton County Treasurer, Diane Veld.

Knowles has worked a total of seven years now for Newton County. She began her career in Newton County government in 2013 at the Newton County Courthouse. In 2014, she became Chief Deputy Treasurer. February 2019, Knowles was caucused in to finish Veld’s term of Treasurer until 2021.

Along with the finance background experience, Knowles has public and private sector experience to serve as county treasurer.

“I have been already balancing Newton County’s eight bank accounts, investing funds with a positive outcome for the county, and keeping in balance with the Auditors’ office on a daily bases to comply with state demands,” stated Knowles. “I feel my top priority is taking care of the taxpayers of Newton County. For the past year, I have made it my goal of establishing an office that is actively working to support each other as a team and serve Newton County taxpayers as its priority. My strong suit is dealing with the public and putting tax payers needs first. As treasurer, I want to carry on what has been established from past treasurers, even if that means the occasional ‘tweak and streamline’ as things move further into the digital era. We are in the middle of transition of that era. I promise to keep a strong balance for both, so all taxpayers have a smooth transition process.

I am running for Newton County Treasurer to bring clarity to the county’s finances. I am committed to ensuring and forwarding the financial amounts to the decision-makers, at every level of government, to have the financial information they need to make informed decisions.”

Knowles also feels that working as a team with the other county departments is also of importance.

“We all take on a task of a different profession, but at the end of the day it comes down to the one thing we all have in common, providing a service to our Newton County community,” added Knowles. “With that, I will promise to communicate, respect, and have the willingness to compromise and work as a team with our county departments to give Newton County the service it deserves.”

Knowles has lived in Lake Village and been a resident now for 25 years.

“My husband and I moved to Lake Village in 1995 with the decision of raising our son in this community,” stated Knowles. “This is where I also became an active community member myself and continue to be. We feel that it is one of the best decisions made for our family and our son to be raised in a respected community with established school system. Being treasurer is not a job, it’s my passion. With my five years of experience with the Newton County Treasurers Office, it would be an honor to thrive in continuing this service in one of the most respected and customer-service oriented offices in our county. I’m always available and willing to answer any questions.”

If you would like to announce your candidacy in the Newton County Enterprise, please contact editor Gregory Myers at nceeditor@centurylink.net before the end of the filing period Feb. 7.