Aden Mick

Aden Mick

RENSSELAER — From an internship straight to a full-time job.

South Newton senior Aden Mick took the most out of his work-based learning course and experience at Chief Buildings, a division of Chief Industries, Inc., at its Rensselaer location and is now a full-time employee.

“I’ve been working since I was old enough to hold a shovel and it was odd being treated as a student instead of an employee,” stated Mick. “Learning was the main priority for Chief and production was second. I really enjoyed being able to work alongside my mentor, Derek, who was very patient with me and always made work enjoyable. I would highly recommend this program for anyone looking to get into manufacturing.”

Throughout his internship, Mick would go to school for fours a day and then go to work for the remaining four hours.

When South Newton High School Counselor Laura Robbins was approached by Chief Buildings about the internship program, Mick immediately came to her mind.

“Aden wanted to do the work-based learning and he was unsure of his future plans,” Robbins said. “This was a fully paid internship program that could lead to a full-time job with benefits. Aden works really hard in the trades and a lot of times those students get overlooked. I want to make sure the culture here at South Newton is both college and career-focused.”

Robbins’ decision to get Mick involved in the internship program worked out perfectly not only for the senior but for all parties involved.

“I am so proud of what Aden has accomplished during his years at South Newton,” said Cheryl Link, who is in charge of the career-based learning program at South Newton. “He has grown into a fine young man and an excellent candidate for the work-based program. His internship at Chief Buildings gave him the opportunity to work, collect a paycheck all while finishing off high school. Aden is now a full-time employee with Chief. What a great ending — job, benefits, and all set to move on after graduation.”

Chief Buildings just finished the third semester of its internship program and not only is the program teaching valuable skills, it’s also finding quality employees.

“It can be hard to find good help and we actually hired two of our interns as full-time employees from this year’s program,” said Jason Williams, Manufacturing Manager for Chief Buildings. “Our goal is to show them different elements of the manufacturing process and get them exposed to the different operations. Aden was a quick learner and he is a high-energy guy, which is a plus for morale at the plant. He was one of the better interns that we have had.”

Chief Industries, Inc. is a multi-faceted company consisting of multiple divisions and subsidiaries that produce products and provide services used in agriculture, commercial construction, structural steel, steel fabrication, factory-built housing, ethanol production, transportation, and more.