MOROCCO — The meeting of the North Newton Board of School Administrators took place at Morocco Elementary this month. While the corporation office and board room are already housed on the second floor of the building, this meeting took place in the heart of the school – the cafeteria. Student ambassadors from the student council presented some highlights of activities and some ‘happening’ things going on in and around the school.

Recognitions this month featured the following students: Caroline Kroll (Lake Village), Kain Laskey (Lincoln), Wyatt Harris (Morocco), Logan Beedle, and Ashley Churchill. Ms. Fechalos, 3rd grade teacher, and Mrs. Hankins both nominated Caroline for her courageousness and mental fortitude. Caroline pushes herself to do well while maintaining personal integrity. She is kind, positive, and honest. Principal Hankins included a quote by Maya Angelou in her comments regarding Caroline, ‘“Without courage, we cannot be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.”’ Kain was also nominated by both his 3rd grade teacher and principal. Mrs. Miller praised Kain’s work ethic and respect for others. Mrs. Neal applauded his positive example and kindness toward others. Both feel that Kain is a great asset to the school and has a joyful presence. Wyatt, also in the third grade, was nominated by his teacher, Mrs. Sanders and principal, Mrs. Lawbaugh. Mrs. Sanders commented that Wyatt makes good choices even when it is difficult. She and Mrs. Lawbaugh used the word ‘courageous’ to identify this characteristic about Wyatt. He advocates for himself when he needs help and readily participates in classroom material, even when it is tough. Sanders commented that Wyatt perseveres and is honorable and brave. Nominated from the Junior-Senior High is 7th grader, Logan Beedle. Logan was nominated by his teacher, Mrs. Brandt, for being friendly, positive, and helpful. Brandt said, “Logan is cheerful and very well behaved.” She further stated that he takes pride in his school and his work, participating fully in both academics and athletics. Also from the Junior-Senior High is this year’s Lilly Endowment scholarship winner, Ashley Churchill. Mrs. Blasco nominated this amazing senior student for her exceptional cadet teaching work, her academic excellence and focus, and her kind and courteous nature. Ashley sets these same high standards for her athletics and extracurricular involvement too.

Dr. Rowe reviewed student data with the board in a comparative analysis with state averages, especially regarding costs per student and staff salaries. Mr. Russell closed the meeting by thanking the students and staff at Morocco Elementary for being terrific hosts. Russell expressed his pride in Ashley Churchill for obtaining the Lilly scholarship, adding accolades to the school system for supporting and educating her as well as the many other great students who accomplish wonderful things at North Newton.