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MOROCCO — Plans for a drive through commencement ceremony for North Newton seniors was announced Monday, May 18. The ceremony is scheduled for June 7 at the high school starting at 2 p.m.

“The main concern will be placed on the health and safety of all those involved in this unique venture,” stated North Newton Jr./Sr. High Principal Rod Coffing. “We want to follow all health and safety recommendations and still have a ceremony in the best fashion possible for our graduates.”

Other features of the graduation that are still being considered and planned include inviting the teachers at the junior high and high school to line up along the north side of the building to wave, support, and congratulate the graduates. “All personnel will follow social distancing and safety procedures,” Coffing added. “ A virtual program of the seniors is trying to be developed to be included in the ceremony. I’m hoping this could be played during the ceremony that could be viewed from a cell phone or device from inside the vehicle. All efforts will be made to have the ceremony on June 7 even if we would need to let a rainstorm pass. If absolutely needed because of a long lightning storm, tornado watch/warning, etc. a make-up date of June 14 at 2:00 p.m. would be used.”

Coffing added that a PowerPoint presentation is being made for all award winners in junior high and high school and scholarship award winners will be recognized with materials included in their packet.

Plans for the June 7 drive ceremony are as follow:

1:30-Students are welcome to begin lining up in their vehicles. Each student and family will be limited to one vehicle. Students and parents will be instructed to stay in their vehicles at all times. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Atwood will be positioned at the furthest west entrance to line the vehicles up along the north side of the building, along the west side of the building and winding around in front of the football bleachers. This will be done to have all vehicles off the road. A police officer will be present in the parking lot. The valedictorian and salutatorian will be positioned first and second, respectively.

2:00-In front of door number one there will be tables, a portable public announce system, a tent if needed, and chairs for those in the announcement area. Mrs. Comb-Long will announce the student’s names. Mr. Coffing will deliver the diploma and any awards received, all in a packet, to the graduate in their vehicle. They will then drive away and the next graduate will pull up.