KENTLAND — Discussion on the process to get property rezoned, and starting a junior fireman’s club or department in Kentland were some of the highlights from the Sept. 11 Kentland Town Council meeting.

Christine Cote addressed the council wanting to rezone the property at 310 N. 4th Street from B1 to B2 to be used as a used car lot for a couple of vehicles.

Cote was informed that she would need to fill out an application first and then go before the newly formed planning commission. The planning commission would then make a recommendation on the application request to the town council.

Fire Chief Matt Wittenborn told the council that he has received some inquiries about starting a junior fire department for the town as a learning opportunity for the youth.

“In my opinion, the youth are the future of this department,” said Wittenborn. “They are our future firefighters. I would like to get something up and running to keep the youth interested in our department.”

Wittenborn added that three youth have already expressed interest, and he will keep researching the idea and check with any liability issues before coming back to the council.

In other news, Councilmember James Sammons said he was approached by a concerned citizen about the long stretch on 2nd street from US 24 without a stop sign.

“I have been told people fly down that stretch,” added Sammons. “I know we would need an ordinance to add a stop sign there but it is something to consider. I would rather be safe and have people wait a few extra seconds on that street.”

Town Marshall Julian Elson asked the council to hold off on any decision until he had time to do a speed study.

“During my time here, I haven’t had too many calls for speeding on that street,” said Elson.

Also in other action, Chris Wilson of the park board said that plans are in full effect for a Halloween Carnival Saturday, Oct. 26 inside the Kentland Community Center.

The council also set Oct. 31 from 5 to 7 p.m. as trick or treat hours for the town.

David Hamilton presented a check for $600 to the town to go toward purchsing a bench for Batton Park. The money is left over from his Eage Scout Project, which was the building of a Gaga Pit at the park.