Jenni Swartz

Jenni Swartz

KENTLAND — Jenni Swartz, who currently serves as Chief Deputy in the Auditor’s office, has announced her candidacy for Newton County Treasuer in the upcoming Republican Primary.

“I have upheld and promoted principals of fiscal transparency, openness, integrity and honesty for over three years in this office,” Swartz stated.

The Auditor and Treasurer’s offices work closely together and Swartz believes she can bring knowledge that she has learned into the Treasurer’s office and make the two offices more efficient and streamlined.

“I believe the people of Newton County are seeking a candidate in the Treasurer’s office that listens, cares, is approachable and understands the citizens concerns,” Swartz added. “I am running to restore confidence in this office. I will assist with problem solving and overcoming obstacles, as well as improving lines of communication, not only between county offices but with Newton County residents as well. I believe nothing is more detrimental to the work force than ineffective communication and I will bring an inviting, courteous and professional environment to the office.”

Swartz earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and her background consists of managing budgets, financials and human resource responsibilities.

“My husband and I ran a successful business for 13 years,” said Swartz. “I managed the financials for our company and continue to do the same for a local fine dining establishment. I have lived in Newton County for 25 years. I graduated from North Newton and moved to Indianapolis after graduation but I chose to return to Newton County to raise our three daughters. Community and family are very important to me. I have volunteered for multiple organizations – Kentland Baseball for 10 years, Little Rebel basketball for 3 years, Kentland Festival for 6 years, Junior Achievement and Aubrey’s Angels for 6 years, where I currently serve as vice president. Thank you and I would appreciate your vote on May 5.”

If you would like to announce your candidacy in the Newton County Enterprise, please contact editor Gregory Myers at before the end of the filing period Feb. 7.