Vince and Batman

Newton County Drug Task Force Investigator Vince Lowe and K9 Batman

KENTLAND — K9 Batman entertained the Kentland Rotary Club during their regular Tuesday meal at noon at the Kentland Community Center. Newton County Drug Task Force Investigator Vince Lowe gave a demonstration on Batman’s capabilities. Officer Lowe is the Narcotics Investigator for the Drug Task Force in the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

K9 Batman is a Giant Schnauzer with the appearance of possessing heavy eyebrows, a mustache and a beard. According to Lowe the dog is a German breed of animal which is a wire-haired terrier. Terriers are known to shed less hair which is compatible with Lowe since he is allergic to most other types of dog. Terriers were bred to viscously guard domestic animals in mountainous regions of Europe which makes K9 Batman ideal for work in law enforcement.

Lowe presented K9 Batman with the task of identifying illegal drugs from a multitude of locations. The dog identified the location easily and was rewarded with a chew toy. As the officer explained, the dog expects to be paid for a job well done. Next, K9 Batman was given the task of attacking a suspect considered to be dangerous, proving his bite is as big as his bark! Lowe made certain the dog was quickly paid.

No Kentland Rotary Club members were harmed in the making of the demonstrations.