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MOUNT AYR — While not an agenda line item for this month’s meeting of the Mt. Ayr Town Council, Monday, December 2, 2019, the subject of the potential water project was raised.

Typically, any information is disseminated through questions and answers under the public comment category. Howard Marshall wants to move forward using the momentum gained from the November meeting when Newton County Commissioner Tim Drenth addressed the water issue from the county’s standpoint. Marshall wants to establish a committee to research funding for the project and has already gathered facts and figures from other towns that have gone through water and sewer updates. Mt. Ayr Council President Larry Berenda is satisfied with the progress that the town is making and looks to attorney, Rebecca Goddard, for advice on how to proceed.

Board member, Steve Scheckel, pointed out that he’s been researching a swing set for six months, so certainly something as significant as a water and/or sewage system would require more time. Marshall responded that he is happy to help with the homework. Berenda also mentioned that there are families to consider who cannot afford a monthly water bill. Marshall thought that a survey would better indicate these concerns and would provide the board with a basis for further action. At Goddard’s suggestion, the board agreed to the establishment of a committee. Member, Rich Warne, clarified with Goddard the purpose and parameters for such a committee. Marshall continues to remind the town that some funding options come with an expiration date – like the endowment from the Helen Kraud estate.