Chris Knochel

Chris Knochel

KENTLAND — Newton County Surveyor Chris Knochel of Kentland has declared his candidacy for his current office. He is running on the Republican ticket.

Knochel is a life-long resident of Newton County with experience in agriculture and storm water management.

As Newton County Surveyor, Knochel has worked with local and state officials while also fulfilling the responsibilities of the County Surveyor position. These efforts have brought state appropriations to Newton County and honors to Knochel’s work.

While President of the County Surveyors Association of Indiana, Knochel worked with state legislators to successfully write legislation requiring county surveyors to attend continuing education. In addition to serving in other roles in this state organization, he received the Indiana County Surveyor’s Association President’s award in 2006, recognizing him for his work on wetland rulemaking with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Knochel was also named Outstanding County Surveyor of the Year in 2010 from the Association of Indiana Counties Inc.

Knochel’s role as President of the Kankakee River Basin Commission helped him to appreciate and celebrate the diversity of the eight counties that benefit from the river. Newton County has received state funding for flood control projects through this organization. He now serves on the Technical Review Committee of the recently formed Kankakee River Basin and Yellow River Basin Development Committee.

While intentionally reaching out to regional and state organizations in order to benefit Newton County, Knochel serves his local community by working with the Newton County Commissioners, Drainage Board and County Council. As Newton County Surveyor, he has developed maintenance and reconstruction programs as the technical authority for the county drainage infrastructure which he considers an important county asset.

The job of county surveyor includes the perpetuation of the United States Public Land Survey System (USPLSS), which protects the monumentation that defines the extent of all private land ownership. The program currently in use was implemented during Knochel’s tenure in office.

Knochel has introduced youth to surveyor career possibilities by working with North and South Newton School Corporations to create internships and part-time jobs. Several of those former interns and part-time employees have gone on to careers in related disciplines in other counties and states.

Knochel is a Farm Bureau Member, a past Associate Supervisor of Newton County Soil and Water Conservation District, and a member of Kentland Rotary Club. He and his wife Susan are members of Kentland Trinity United Methodist Church and enjoy spending time with their two grown children and six active grandchildren.

“I’d like to thank everyone that has supported me. Your support on May 5 will continue to enable Newton County to be an important influence at both the state and regional level”