KENTLAND — “Captain Cash”, an elementary curriculum designed by Purdue Extension, recently sailed in the community. During the voyage approximately 60 third-graders from South Newton Elementary enjoyed classroom activities that helped them consider the following themes: the more you learn, the more you earn; every payday save some cash away; there is an end to what you can spend; and for a safer tomorrow, be wise when you borrow. Additionally, great children’s books brought this financial literacy program to life and helped students learn that reading makes “cents”!

Each student received a piggy bank sponsored by a Step Ahead grant from the Jasper Newton Foundation to encourage saving. Students compared the amount of education needed and salaries of various careers when they visited the island of “Learn”.

At the island of “Save”, students were encouraged to write about a good or service they wanted to save for. They also had a lively discussion about needs and wants. Some students ran out of money when visiting the island of “Spend”. In the “Borrowing” lesson, students were given a scenario, divided into borrowers and lenders and then had to determine the pros and cons of borrowing or lending. These hands-on interactive learning sessions helped students to gain a better understanding of money concepts that will serve them throughout life.

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