The Amateur Radio Association of Newton County Indiana will be participating in the American Radio Relay League’s annual Field Day Event that is held around the nation on the fourth weekend of June. This year the event will be held at the Morocco Lions Club located at 3091 S. 300 W. in Morocco. The event will begin at noon on the 23rd and end on Sunday June 24th at 3 PM. Amateur Radio Operators and the public of all ages are welcome to attend.

Field day has been held on the fourth weekend in June every year, since 1933 with over 40,000 participants across North America. It is designed to show people exactly how HAM RADIO works in the event of a man made or natural disaster! This is one way amateur radio operators can demonstrate to the public, emergency management and other agencies like police, fire and ambulance services how we serve the community. According to President Mike Swiader “We are Newton County’s most valued asset when it comes to communications”.

Ham Radio Operators will operate on CW (Morse Code) FM, AM, Digital, and side band modes while talking to people all around the US and the world, as well as the international space station and satellite communication.

During this time period they will not be using any commercial power. Ham radios will operate on battery power, generators, and solar panels. The antennas that they will use are homemade by the club members themselves.

“On Field Day- we will leave the comfort of our homes, barns, automobiles and operations will literally be in a field and we will operate for as long as 27 hours non-stop. Ham operators will surely demonstrate to the community what emergency communication really looks like in a dire/emergency situation and how we can communicate around the world with a simple radio and a piece of wire,” said Swiader.

Not only is this Field Day taken seriously but also they have fun doing it, while sharing experiences from past field days and sharing comradery and outdoor cooking.

Please stop by and visit the Amateur Radio Association of Newton County Indiana at the Morocco Lions Club for a look at what communications in a disaster might look like.

For more information please contact Mike Swiader, President Amateur Radio Association of Newton Co. Indiana at KA9E@USA.Com or 815-409-5070