KENTLAND — Looking for a way to revitalize the hallway to the Ag classrooms as well as recognize and honor past accomplishments, South Newton’s current FFA officer team worked together to raise funds for what their members now call the South Newton FFA Archives.

The archives feature State FFA Officer jackets from all eight South Newton FFA alums who were selected to that prestigious honor. Also on Display is a State Sweetheart jacket from South Newton graduate Teresa Webster.

“We had a couple of jackets from former state officers already and we were looking for a way to display them,” said South Newton FFA Treasurer Andrew Kindig. “We came up with the idea of trying to get jackets from all eight of our former members that served as state officers so that we could display them all.”

South Newton FFA Reporter Ashanti Snodgrass said the team was inspired to make their own archives after recently visiting the National FFA Archives.

“This is a way to recognize our history, and it is so much more than just decoration,” said Snodgrass. “I think it will serve as an inspiration to our current and future members who may want to try for state office.”

To pay for the displays, the officer team went to local businesses looking for sponsorships.

“The response was great,” said South Newton FFA President Delaney Smith. “We did not get a single no. I think the displays have raised awareness already on how such a great accomplishment it is to be a state officer.”

The cost of each display was $160, and the South Newton FFA officers put up a total of 10 displays. The officers are currently working on inviting all of the past State FFA officers from South Newton to come to their annual banquet for a dedication of the South Newton FFA Archives.

“I think it is cool that they are getting honored like this,” said South Newton FFA Vice President Kayla Florian. “They all worked so hard to be a state officer and to honor them this way is something I think they will appreciate.”

The South Newton FFA officers are also looking to purchase some window decals to help reduce the glare on the displays.

“This was their initiative (the South Newton FFA Officers), they took the lead and accomplished this project in less than a year,” said South Newton Ag teacher and FFA advisor Matthew Armbruster. “ For younger FFA members this project will help educate them about what FFA has to offer. It might even motivate some of them to run for state office.”

Indiana FFA Officers from South Newton

  • Rod Spurlock 1976-77 (State President)
  • Kent Fisher 1981-82
  • Teresa Webster 1988-89
  • Rob Hayes 2006-07
  • Laura Donaldson 2008-09 (State President)
  • Logan Glassburn 2016-2017
  • Chyenne Deno 2018-19
  • Austin Berenda 2018-19