Sn mini Ag day


South Newton senior Trent Hoskins shows the different parts of a combine to elementary stuents at a mini Ag Day Oct. 25.

KENTLAND — Several kindergarten and 1st-grade classes at South Newton got an up-close look at how corn is harvested and the equipment that is used Oct. 25.

The mini Ag Day was put on by Matthew Armbruster’s senior-level Integrated Tech and Ag Systems class. Class members Hayden Berenda, Trent Hoskins, Patrick Cobb, Michael Rieck, Wyatt Rathfon, and Kyle Weiss wanted to turn the harvesting of their test plot at school into an educational experience for the younger children.

“It has been a while since the school has done one of these and we decided that we wanted to bring it back this year,” said Berenda.

“I remember being in kindergarten and going to one of these and thought that it would be a fun experience for them,” said Weiss.

Not only did the kids get to watch a combine harvest a cornfield, but they also rotated through stations learning about the combine itself, along with other equipment including a tractor and sprayer. Other stations showcased the school’s drone with its updated Ag technology and programs and showed products that can and will be made from the corn harvest.