Kyle Blann 2019 fair


Kylie Blann is pictured showing her livestock during last year’s Newton County Pun’kin Vine Fair.

NEWTON COUNTY — The Newton County 4-H Council and Livestock Committee are working together to support the local 4-H kids. The two groups voted to have live livestock shows and submitted a safety plan to Purdue. But because of the restrictions in place, there will not be a 4-H livestock auction.

To help support the 4-H families, the Newton County 4-H Council and Livestock Committee is organizing a 4-H Livestock Fundraiser Auction. Many 4-Hers use their auction money to support their college fund and to fund next year’s project. Donations will be accepted from individuals, groups, and businesses. The money raised will be divided out to each 4-H livestock member that would have entered the live auction at the fair. Each kid will receive their share of the pot to help offset the cost of this year’s project and to support next year’s project.

Donations to the Livestock Fundraiser Auction does not include the purchase of an animal. 4-Hers will independently choose what to do with this year’s animal.

Please help support the county’s youth and make a donation to the 4-H Livestock Fundraiser Auction. Donations from $10 to $1,000 would be gladly accepted.

There is more than one way to make donations:

1. Mail a donation check to Newton County 4-H Council, P.O. Box 393, Morocco, IN 47963

2. Go to the Purdue Extension-Newton County Facebook page or to the Newton County Pun’kin Vine Fair Facebook page to click the Go Fund Me link —

3. Contact a 4-H Council or Livestock Committee member.

Your support can make a difference in the lives of our Newton County youth. Please make a donation and spread the word to others to help out the 4-H kids. Donations will be accepted until August 1.