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Almost everyone has occasionally seen a bird nesting in an unusual place. Just around my house I’ve had a swallow nest on light fixtures, a starling nest in a rain gutter, a dove nest on an old boat trailer behind the pole barn — but these aren’t the strangest places I’ve seen them or heard …

There’s good news for bears in Wyoming. Not just any bears, not the kind of bears that visit garbage dumps or occasionally raid back yard barbecues in just about any place they are found. Those are black bears. The good news is for Wyoming’s grizzly bears.

You’d be surprised the number of outdoor skills I learned in Boy Scouts I still use frequently. I still tie square knots when joining two ropes and a clove hitch when tying my boat to the pier. I have a triangular bandage in my first aid kit. (The sterile version of the Boy Scout neckerchief.)