Iroquois Memorial Hospital officials indicate that the hospital will continue to serve the community. Recent merger talks with Riverside have ended.

WATSEKA, Ill. — Iroquois Memorial Hospital is taking rural lab testing into the future by bringing in high level lab testing only found in research medical facilities and urban medical centers. Moving in a new direction that is not found in most rural areas, the IMH Lab will now be able to provide quicker turnaround times as compared to culture based tests.

Where it can take days, results will now be available in a matter of hours to enable a quicker diagnosis and ability to get a patient on the proper road to recovery and care. With this new technology, IMH is able to provide locally based lab testing, being done in the IMH Lab, by local lab professionals and pathologists, who are your neighbors, friends and coworkers.

Polymerase chain reaction diagnostic tests, also known as PCR, are faster and less prone to cross-contamination because the technique is conducted in automated thermal cyclers. It is also more sensitive and more specific than plate-based tests, therefore results are more accurate. A traditional culture takes several diagnostic tests, costing the patient for each test. A PCR test provides the opportunity for the patient to reduce what would be several visits and tests, to just one. This new technology that is now provided at IMH saves your time and your money.

At this time, Iroquois Memorial Hospital is able to test UTI, STI, and Wound lab panels. Coming soon we will have Respiratory and Gastrointestinal lab panels as well. This is one of many stepping stones into the future for IMH and the community that surrounds.

For more information on this addition to IMH, please call Jim Byrne at 630-605-6701.