September 7th 8:00 a.m. – noon cst.

  • Newton County Highway Garage
  • 3640 South 275 West
  • Morocco, IN

MOROCCO — Household hazardous waste will be collected free charge. Household hazardous waste includes: oil, oil filters, mercury, antifreeze, poisons, chemicals, oil based paint, cleaners, herbicides, waste fuels, medications, CFL’s, fluorescent tubes, pesticides, and electronics.

Latex Paint is a water based non-hazardous liquid that will solidify when allowed to dry out. Take the lid off and add kitty litter to the opened can. When dried to solid, leave the lid off and dispose of with your regular trash.

No tires will be collected at event. Residents are encouraged to return tires to tire dealer.

For more information call the Northwest Indiana Solid Waste District at 1-800-856-0980.