WOLCOTT — The facelift was anticipated. It just happened earlier than planned.

Those who walk into Tri-County’s gymnasium this school year will find themselves looking at a new floor. The gym floor was stripped down completely and redone with a new design and coloring.

Tri-County Superintendent Patrick Culp and Athletic Director Jeff LeBeau spent more than a year discussing the redesign or at least refurbishing of the floor.

“We were having problems with the sealant we used every other year,” Culp said. “It wasn’t adhering any more, and it was a year-after-year thing. We just needed to do something — it needed to be addressed. We didn’t just do it for cosmetic reasons.”

LeBeau noted the last time the floor had a full-on treatment — a sanding and a paint job — was the beginning of the millennium, and they searched for a company for quotes and timelines. They chose Hammel Floor Service of Huntington to redo the gym.

“When we originally talked to them, the plan was to hopefully start during moratorium week or the week after with the goal to be done by Aug. 3,” LeBeau said. “When schools were let out early, it allowed them to get into our gym sooner than scheduled. This has allowed us to finish the project by the original start date.”

The floor is a lighter color and the design is vastly different. With a couple coats of sealant left to add, the lettering that scrawled along the out of bounds baseline is gone, as are the Cavaliers logos on the floor and the giant basketball at center court. The wording — Cavs at each free-throw line — is minimal, and the logo is at center court.

“I haven’t seen the final project, but from the pictures, it looks pretty sharp,” Culp said.

Added LeBeau “They have done a great job and the gym looks great. (I’m) Anxious for the student-athletes to get back in the gyms and get back to work.”