Letters to the editor

Dear editor,

Trump’s impeachment “trial” is over. Both of Indiana’s senators, Mike Braun and Todd Young, displayed their cowardice by voting to acquit Trump.

Now, it is left to us to try to rescue our “democracy.” I hope we stand up to the challenge, but I would submit that our Senate has shirked its duty.

Only laziness and cowardice has kept us from finding out the whole truth about our President’s betrayal of the American public. It is the duty of the Senate to keep us from being governed by a narcissistic mad man. In this, it has failed utterly.

If Republicans had called witnesses and admitted documents at Trump’s impeachment trial, I still would have hoped for his conviction. However, whether or not he was found guilty, Americans would have had their day in court. Instead, we have all been cheated out of the protection our Constitution is supposed to afford us.

Trump did not win by a landslide. His ascendance to the presidency was because of the electoral college, not universal popularity. He doesn’t have a mandate to follow his dangerous and arbitrary whims. Yet, his toadies, including our two senators, didn’t have the integrity to insist on learning the truth before acquitting him out of hand.

The impeachment trial was an opportunity to restore some sanity to our government. Our Senate wasted the chance to normalize America’s dialogue with its own citizens and the rest of the world.

Mike Braun and Todd Young went along with the Trump cult because of politics. They should be ashamed, and they should be fired as soon as possible.

Lucille Uttermohlen Monticello