Ora Hughes

MONTICELLO — Ora Hughes may be the oldest living World War II veteran in White County.

If not, he is most assuredly one of the oldest.

Hughes celebrated his 100th birthday Sept. 21. He’s currently a resident at White Oaks Health Campus in Monticello.

He was born in 1919 in Monon and joined the US Army on April 10, 1941. He spent 29 months in Panama and eight months in Europe and the Rhineland, where he saw action with the 71st Infanty, 3rd Division Army.

He was honorably discharged Sept. 25, 1945. After he left the service, Hughes return to Monon and farmed for several years.

When he was first sent overseas, Hughes said he was given a rifle that didn’t work.

“The first rifle I got didn’t work at all,” he said. “Tried to fire it and it wouldn’t fire. Some guy came by and had two, so he gave me one.”

If you see Mr. Hughes, thank him for his service.