FRANCESVILLE — The Indiana Department of Transportation has created a new traffic configuration for the intersection of U.S. 421 and Indiana 14 in Francesville, near West Central High School.

The intersection has been changed to a four-way stop, meaning traffic on U.S. 421 will now stop.

Previously, this intersection was a two-way stop controlled by flashing lights — yellow for north-south traffic and red for east-west traffic coming from Indiana 14 and County Road West 200 South onto US 421. The light will now flash red for all directions.

This safety improvement was made due to a an increase in injury crashes at this intersection, INDOT officials said in a press release.

Stop signs have also been installed on northbound and southbound US 421. Reflective road delineators were installed to separate traffic continuing southbound on US 421 or turning right on eastbound Indiana 14 at the southbound stop signs.

Updated pavement markings, including stop lines and turn arrows, have been put in place already, and another crew will be re-striping the rest of the road markings.

Message boards will be used on northbound and southbound US 421 to alert drivers that they are coming up to a new traffic configuration and warn motorists that they will need to come to a full stop.

INDOT encourages drivers to slow down, be cautious and drive distraction-free in this area.