Remington Town Council

Photo by Heather VanDemark

The Remington Town Council hoped to resolve some unfinished business from its May meeting and review town department progress.

REMINGTON — The Remington Street Department hasn’t had much time to relax as of late.

That’s the word the Remington Town Council heard during its June 3 meeting.

The department has been busy working on numerous issues for the town. Due to the heavy amount of rain and storms during the past few weeks, the department has spent much time cleaning up storm damage, as well as clearing sidewalks and roadways of debris.

They repaired the bucket at the splash pad in time for the opening last week and will be flushing fire hydrants until the end of the week. Weather permitting, they will also begin spraying for mosquitoes.

The town council also hoped to resolve some unfinished business from its May meeting and review town department progress.

At last month’s meeting, there was a long discussion about the lack of parking near businesses surrounding the train depot. Clerk-Treasurer Terri Budde, relaying information on behalf of Town Manager Jon Cripe, who was not present, said there is money left over in the original streetscape design contract.

“We are not allotting additional money, we are just spending what is already designated for this purpose,” she said.

There is a steering committee that has been formed and will meet to discuss a solution. The committee will consist of Remington Main Street, town Councilman Bob Braaksma, Legion Commander Kelly Ebert, and Deon and Sherri Miller, owners of a laundromat and a building housing hair and massage businesses, Wendy Schwab, a business property owner. The town hopes to bring together the town and the local businesses to gather ideas and reach a compromise that will work for everyone.

In other business:

• The Remington Town Marshal and Police Department will attend two trainings this month. They will be in Indianapolis and Monticello. Marshal Schuetzenhofer updated the town’s SOP. It will be reviewed by the town attorney and submitted for finalization.

• Sandy Miller, executive director for Remington Wolcott Community Development Corporation, gave an update on their board of directors. She informed the town council that there are new members, four of which are students ranging from eighth grade to high school.

• The council discussed and approved items for the depot, which include curtains, rods and tie backs to help with some of the acoustic issues they are experiencing.

• TC Farms Fire hydrant request was tabled so the town can get more information and an accurate amount of dollars owed. The issue will be open for discussion at the July town council meeting.