Remington Park Board

Photo by Heather VanDemark

Remington Park Board members, from left, Don Pampell, Darcy Allegrini and her husband, Tom Allegrini, the newest board member, discuss business.

REMINGTON — Tom Allegrini is the newest member of the Remington Park Department Advisory Board.

Allegrini was recently selected after being the only candidate who volunteered to fill a vacancy when board member Ashley Clark stepped down.

He is the husband of current board member Darcy Allegrini.

“I look forward to helping the community and the parks,” he said. “I hope to offer new ideas and perspectives.”

Park board meetings are 7 p.m. EST the second Tuesday of every month at 7 at the Remington Town Hall.

In other business, Park Superintendent, Mike Babcock said he is busy finishing the park’s end-of-year duties. Babcock added that recycle services have been suspended for the rest of the season and the last Dumpster was emptied in October. All recycle bins, he said, have been emptied and stored in the maintenance shed until next year.

“All shelters have been winterized — dugouts, fountains and the concession stand,” he said. “All flags have been taken down and the picnic tables and trash cans have been removed from the soccer fields. A final maintenance of leaves and weeds has taken place. I also had mulch spread at the new park and raked the mulch at the old park.”

The park recently received two grants — $300 from the Womens Giving Circle and $1,500 from the Jasper Newton Foundation.

Both of the grants will be utilized to construct concrete pads for exercise equipment the board purchased earlier this year.

“I know we are eager to get these projects up and running, but it seems as if we won’t have an Indian summer this year,” board President Don Pampel said. “It may serve in the park’s best interest to hold off on the equipment installation until next year. That way we can make sure they’re up and running for the community when the weather is right.”

The equipment will not be installed until late spring.