Lakeview Village


Lakeview Village Senior Living is shutting its doors to long-term care on June 30.

MONTICELLO — Lakeview Village Senior Living will close for business June 30.

The parent company, Magnolia Health Systems Inc., released a public legal notice Wednesday confirming the closing of the business at 410 Tioga Road in Monticello.

However, Magnolia Health Systems originally announced the closure April 30, said Regional Director Dusty Sizemore.

He confirmed by phone that the facility’s residents have been moved to other places.

In an official statement released Friday, Sizemore stated, “The administrative staff of Lakeview Village has worked with each resident and/or resident representative to honor the resident’s desire to either relocate to another facility within the Monticello community, or to seek relocation outside the community.

“The residents, families and neighboring facilities have been very supportive in this transition,” he stated

He did not directly address whether the building is for sale or is in negotiations.

“Lakeview Village Senior Living will no longer be serving the community as a long-term care facility,” he stated. “The facility itself will be preserved and remain secure, as talks ensue as to how the building can best serve the current needs of the community.”

Magnolia Health Systems took over business operations of Lakeview in 2007, although the facility existed long before then, according to the statement.

“Since that time, the occupancy has ranged from approximately 80 percent to 35 percent, as of April of this year,” he stated.

He didn’t indicate if that was the direct reason for the closure.

However, he stated, “Many factors have been involved in a decision to cease long term care services and to evaluate a new purpose and/or new services for the existing building.

“With the offering of multiple home health services to those who prefer to remain in their home environment as long as possible, as well as additional facilities built in the immediate and contiguous areas, the need for the number of long-term care facilities has decreased,” he wrote.

He also stated that Magnolia Health Systems made the decision to end offering long-term care after careful evaluation over the past year.

Although Lakeview Village is closing, its partner and neighboring business, the assisted living facility Lakeview Commons, “will remain open and welcomes those who may need such services,” Sizemore stated.