Chamber guest

John Bryant provided information on the Cooperative School Services at Wednesday’s Rensselaer Chamber of Commerce meeting.

RENSSELAER — John Bryant, coordinator of Cooperative School Services, was a guest of the Rensselaer Chamber of Commerce during its meeting Wednesday at the Rensselaer Library.

Bryant was on hand to provide updates and answer questions related to the cooperative. He utilized slides to address the organization’s history and also provided a rundown of the cooperative’s services.

The organization serves more than 2,000 preschool through high school students with special education needs in nine school districts, including Rensselaer Central, Kankakee Valley, North Newton, South Newton, Tri-County, North White and West Central. Its building is located on St. Gasper Drive in Rensselaer.

It works with parents, superintendents, principals, teachers and other school personnel in each aspect of special education and monitors existing services and compliance with both state and federal regulations.

The cooperative provides psychological services, special education coordinators and specialists in hearing and vision impairment.

Students with special needs who are eligible to receive special education services include those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, blind/low vision, intellectual disability, deaf/blind students, deaf/hard of hearing, developmental delay, emotional disability, language/speech impairment, multiple disabilities of two or more, orthopedic impairment, other health impairments listed as chronic or acute, special learning disabilities and traumatic brain injury.