MONTICELLO — A man who allegedly refused to leave a victim’s residence was arrested Tuesday on seven charges of assorted felonies and misdemeanors after the situation escalated.

Ross Edward Young Gutwein, 37, was charged with battery against a public safety officer, resisting law enforcement, leaving the scene of an accident, criminal trespassing, criminal mischief and two counts of intimidation, according to court documents filed Friday.

The Monticello Police Department responded to a call Tuesday when a woman claimed a man was refusing to leave her residence and threatened to harm both himself and her car with a knife he was brandishing.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Gutwein was a guest at the woman’s residence until he became furious and left the property twice, coming back the last time as though he might damage the woman’s vehicle.

Another man at the residence reportedly told Gutwein to leave the residence, which prompted Gutwein to threaten the man with his hatchet, according to police reports. The victim attempted to take away the hatchet, and Gutwein pulled out a knife telling the man to release the hatchet.

While struggling, the woman’s son was also present and was allegedly threatened by Gutwein that he would cut the son’s neck and hurt his mother, the report states.

The man who resisted Gutwein reportedly told police that Gutwein said, “I’m not going to jail. I’ll cut the police’s face off, too.”

As the son heard police cars approaching the residence, Gutwein reportedly fled to his truck.

When Officer Nathan Meyers arrived at the scene, he saw two men arguing. Meyers, the report states, attempted to stop Gutwein from leaving and put his arm inside the vehicle, but Gutwein drove away, striking Meyers’ arm.

Meyers followed Gutwein in a police vehicle as Gutwein tried to flee in a blue Ford truck. After disregarding several traffic signs and hitting a curb, Gutwein’s tires went flat, stopping his truck, according to the report.

Gutwein then left his vehicle, and allegedly brandished a hatchet and “pistol-style weapon” at the officers, asking the officers to “shoot (him).”

He then fled the scene on foot, after which police said they found a case for a BB gun and two knives.

Later that evening, a witness reported to police that while traveling on 6th Street, her vehicle was struck by a blue truck that had previously been honking its horn while driving behind her. The woman followed the truck in her damaged car to a residence on Beach Drive, where the driver “yelled at her to leave.”

The woman took photos of the vehicle and the man, who was later determined to be Gutwein. She called 911, and about three hours later Gutwein was found at his residence, where officers allegedly found two hatchets and an inoperable BB gun.

No initial hearing has been set.