Court beat

From June 28 to July 8, the White County Prosecutor’s Office filed 18 cases related to criminal matters for a total of 363 cases so far this year.

Of the total 363 filings for 2019, 198 have been for people charged with misdemeanors, 91 have been for someone charged with a Level 6 or higher felony and 67 have been for case-related concerns, such as search warrants, probation transfers and post-conviction relief requests.

Between June 28 and Monday, the 18 cases the prosecutor’s office filed included 13 misdemeanors, two case-related filings and three cases with at least one Level 6 felony charge.

A Level 6 felony carries a potential sentence of six months to a year.


A Romney woman was charged with three drug-related offenses after allegedly being found in possession of various substances around midnight June 30.

Megan Muller, 28, was found along with a man sitting in a vehicle parked on the side of North 400 East road with the car’s lights shut off. As White County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Cosgray pulled up next to the vehicle and shined his patrol car lights into it, the two occupants exited the car and began switching places between passenger and driver seats, according to the probable cause affidavit.

The officer stopped the two and told them he could smell marijuana coming from their vehicle. Muller said she just had a “marijuana roach,” slang for the last stub of a joint, left in her car, the affidavit states.

Cosgray advised her to dispose of the roach and told the two they could leave in their car.

As the vehicle began to pull away, the officer noticed a black bag on the ground, which contained bags of pills, leaves and crystal-like substances. Cosgray told Muller to stop driving away and to exit the vehicle.

Judging by the tire tracks of the vehicle and how the two people initially exited the vehicle when Cosgray first approached, he believed Muller “placed the bag down on the ground on the passenger side of the vehicle” before he first came up to the vehicle. The officer then put Muller in wrist restraints and she was transported to the White County Jail.

According to the affidavit, the bag contained the following items: two pills identified as the Schedule IV drug alprazolam; three blue bags of methamphetamine; two clear bags of marijuana; two clear bags of cocaine; sublingual film patches used for opioid abuse treatment; two packages of cigars; rolling papers; various pills; a lighter and a $1 bill.

Muller was charged Wednesday with three drug counts totaling two felonies and a Class A misdemeanor: possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance.


Two men were charged with theft after allegedly attempting to steal two new Sentinel kayaks from Monticello Rural King earlier in June.

According to court documents filed Wednesday, Christopher Walker, 37, of Chalmers, and Scot Fisher, 31, of the 300 block of Railroad Street, were both charged with a Class A misdemeanor of theft Wednesday.

The two men were charged after allegedly loading a truck with two kayaks stolen from Rural King. Police were dispatched after a complainant notified them of a theft in progress, according to the probable cause affidavit.

The complainant told police that he had seen Fisher, whom he recognized from previous dealings, walk past his patio door. From the complainant’s patio door, he could see the back of Rural King, where the theft was happening. Realizing something “didn’t look right,” the man began taking a video using his phone of the two men loading the vehicle with kayaks, the affidavit states.

Detective Ryan Pyle watched the video provided by the complainant and identified the two men and the license plate of the vehicle.

Upon arriving at Fisher’s residence, police found the truck with two kayaks in its bed. Walker, found inside the residence, was identified as the vehicle’s owner, and was made to return the kayaks to the store, according to court documents.

The men were both charged with one count of theft Wednesday, with trials set for 9 a.m. Oct. 10.


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