RENSSELAER — People may one day be faced with health care decisions that can impact the quality of care received. A conference, complete with presentations and a dinner, intended to help provide information for those decision will be coming to Rensselaer soon.

The presentation and free dinner will be 6-8 p.m. CT Oct. 22. at Jasper County Community Services Senior Center in Rensselaer.

Jasper County Community Services and PhysioCare Home Health and Hospice are joining together with area sponsors to bring to the table the experts in health care and the legalities of preparedness for the journey of decisions to be made.

“We are excited to bring this conference to the community”, said Sharon Colee, executive director at Jasper County Community Services. “Hours of planning with Physiocare’s Patient Advocate, Yvonne Ledford, has allowed for some of the greatest needs and questions to be addressed through the coordination of key speakers and supporters.”

Julie Koczan, social worker and discharge planner with Franciscan Health Rensselaer Hospital, is one of the panel speakers who will offer insight in these areas. Medicare and Medicaid expectations of coverage will also be addressed.

Robert Garielse, a local attorney, will talk about the importance of preparation through legal documents that should be in place now, rather than waiting until the time of need. He will also talk about understanding the purpose of wills, trusts, types of power of attorney documents and their purpose.

Ledford and Brandon Ezell, of Physiocare Home Health and Hospice, will offer insight into navigating and understanding questions of home health care and hospice.

The conference is made possible by Franciscan Healthcare Rensselaer, Jasper County Community Services, Frazier Funeral Homes, Autumn Trace Senior Communities, George Ade Memorial Health Care Center, Rensselaer Care Center and Two Hearts Homes for Seniors. Each conference supporter and presenter will have detailed information about their respective agency or business.

Understanding options, benefits and purpose of what is available before the need is key to making sound, knowledgeable decisions for your own needs or for a loved one. Anyone questioning a current situation or becoming prepared for the future is encouraged to attend the conference.

“We see so many individuals that are lost in this large arena of health care decisions, from caregiving, hospital stays, nursing home placement, rehab and homecare and one of the greatest misconceptions surrounding hospice,” Colee said. “It is devastating to see families trying to make decisions at a time of uncertainty and fear. We want the opportunity for these decisions to be made with knowledge consideration, not under pressure.”

There are no reservations needed for the free dinner or conference. Dinner will be served promptly at 6 p.m. CT and speakers will follow shortly thereafter. Each attendee will be provided with an informational packet of literature for later review. There will be seven informational tables offered by the conference sponsors with healthcare contacts offering further educational and agency brochures and literature.

For more information, call Colee at Jasper County Community Services, 866-8071. The center is located at 967 E. Leopold St., Rensselaer.