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HAMMOND — Purdue University Northwest’s 2020 spring semester Dean’s List recognizes 1,810 undergraduate students for their academic achievement.

Students who completed 12 credit hours, including at least six during the spring, qualified for Dean’s List recognition by sustaining an overall grade point average of at least 3.5 and a semester grade point average of at least 3.0 (4.0 scale).

Area students who made the list include:

• Kalina Ziemlo, DeMotte.

• Jessica Williams, Winamac.

• Hannah Wiesemann, Wheatfield.

• Levi Tompkins, DeMotte.

• Samantha Tokarz, DeMotte.

• Seth Sheptock, DeMotte.

• Patrick Shepard, Wheatfield.

• Hallie Ott, Wheatfield.

• Jessica McLean, Wheatfield.

• Heather Kopf, DeMotte.

• Carrie Kooy, Wheatfield.

• Mallory Hanewich, Rensselaer.

• Madison Gehring, Rensselaer.

• Peyton Beiswanger, Rensselaer.

The spring semester Dean’s List consists of 1,253 Indiana residents from 84 communities; 401 Illinois residents from 164 communities; 23 residents from Wisconsin; 22 residents from Ohio; 12 residents from Michigan; seven from California; three each from Iowa and Virginia; two each from Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina; and one each from Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Tennessee and Texas.

PNW’s international students were strongly represented on the Dean’s List as well. They are as follows: 32 students from China; seven students from South Korea; four each from Germany and India; three each from Japan, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Vietnam; two each from Australia and Brazil; and one each from Denmark, Nigeria, Qatar, Slovakia, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad-Tobago, and Yemen.