George and Dawn Blissett

Photo by Heather VanDemark

George and Dawn Blissett are the owners of Rustic Rose Restorations in Wolcott.

WOLCOTT — A Wolcott couple has planted roots on Market Street with their new antique restoration and vintage decor business.

Dawn and George Blissett opened Rustic Rose Restorations in November and are looking forward to hosting a spring open house with other businesses on Market Street. They anticipate announcing more information within the next month on their Facebook page.

Dawn Blissett has a passion for restoring old furniture and crafting items. She has been restoring and refinishing wood projects and crafting for more than 15 years and doing client restorations for 10.

“Prior to opening our store, I would do several vintage markets across Michigan and Michiana area with my sister, who also owns reclaimed store,” she said. “Before Wolcott’s Crafts Unlimited Gifts relocated, I would sell items at the store, and I always would post items for sale online.”

Blissett said she missed being in a store environment.

“Traveling and hauling all of the heavy furniture and small decor became taxing for my sister and I,” she said. “Mix in busy work schedules and it just became obvious we needed a store.”

Rustic Rose Restorations is located at 125 W. Market St. in Wolcott, and is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. If the store is not scheduled to be open, people can call 219-313-0469 to schedule a time to shop or have a furniture restoration consultation.

Blissett said people will find one-of-a-kind items in her store. She features restored and custom furniture, do-it-yourself items, hand-crafted decor and wall art, hand-poured candles, soaps, antiques, chalky chicks paint, and custom wood signs. They also host craft classes open to the public and private crafting events for large groups.

“I hope our store brings beauty to our customers’ lives and an attraction to the town,” she said. “All the stores in Wolcott are unique and different, so we really do complement each other well, making it worth the trip to visit all the stores in town.”

Blissett hopes her new business inspires neighbors to take the leap and fill more store fronts in Wolcott.

“I am an active member of the Main Street Committee and also a board member for Remington Wolcott Community Development Committee (RWCDC),” she said. “It just breaks my heart to see old towns not flourish like they used to. I think it is every resident’s duty to help their town grow and thrive.

“When we chose to open a business, we did so to help bring life into the building. We hope to fix it up and inspire others to do the same.”

While Blissett said the store is a current a work-in-progress, she hopes people will view her offerings and see the quality available to them.

“The name reflects it all to me,” she said. “When you think of a rose, you think beauty. When you think rustic, you think vintage. That is exactly what you will find here — vintage beauty.”